Bite Problems

 Teeth Night Grinding

  • Are your teeth slowly disappearing?

  • Do you have worn teeth or are they getting shorter?
  • Are all your upper front teeth the same length?  (They’re not supposed to be.)
  • Are your facial, neck, or shoulder muscles tense in the morning?  In the afternoon?
  • Do you catch yourself clenching your teeth during stressful times?
  • Do you get frequent headaches?
  • Do you have notches in the sides of your back teeth at the gumline?  You can feel them with your fingernail typically.
  • Do your teeth hurt or are they sensitive?
  • Do your jaw joints (TMJ) click or pop?  Are they tender or sore?  Has your jaw ever locked open or closed?
  • Are your teeth chipping?  Or are you breaking fillings and crowns?

Night grinding and clenching of teeth is another major cause for tooth loss.  While many patients are not aware of this nocturnal habit, the damage done can be significant.  If the damage is severe, extensive reconstructive treatment may be necessary.  However, if caught early, this damage can be prevented easily.

A customized night guard is an effective way to prevent damage to your teeth, jaw joints, and muscles.  Other benefits may include reduced frequency or even headache prevention.  Many migraines may be caused by clenching at night.

A misaligned bite can cause damage and discomfort, as well.  Treatment may include orthodontics (braces), selective reshaping of the biting surfaces, a night guard, restorative treatment, or a combination of any of these.